Wildlife Concepts

There are so many interesting concepts that play vital roles in the world of wildlife. These fascinating concepts influence the world around us in many ways including how wildlife respond to changes.

Though a career in wildlife biology may not be right for you, there are many fascinating concepts in wildlife which can be traced back the evolutionary principles. These principles created a balanced system so intricate, the slightest change in one species' existence or behavior often requires changes in others.

Courses we offer

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Course Name Course Description
Apex Predators Grizzlies, Wolves, and Cougars: Discover the world of three of North America's top predators.
On the Lookout: Ecological Vigilance “Ecological vigilance” is a biological term for keeping an eye out while you’re going about your business. Find out why this is so important for some animals and how it may even impact the habitat around them.
Trophic Cascades Have wolves really changed rivers? Learn about the concept of trophic cascades and the interconnectedness of healthy ecosystems.
Where Wildlife Roam: Wildlife Connectivity Wildlife connectivity is a hot topic nationally and it involves making sure animals can get to where they’re going. Find out what connectivity means and how it is addressed.
Keystone Species A keystone is usually that one piece within a foundation that holds up the entire structure. Find out which animals are considered keystone species holding up a large part of the ecosystem.
Ecological Engineers What do you get when an animal has a disproportionate physical influence on its surroundings? Well, an ecological engineer!

Did you know...

Could a fish possibly be partly responsible to elk decline in the Greater Yellowstone area? Find out how in Trophic Cascades.