Going to the Birds

Birds are the class of animals that rule the sky. Though there are some flightless birds, and some that are excellent swimmers, most birds take to the air to go about their daily business. What is even more incredible is when the winters begin to get tough, birds often go on long-distance migrations to find more reliable food sources. They truly are nature's perfect flying machine.

Courses we offer

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Course Name Course Description
Bird World Learn about our feathered friends and dive in to the wonderful world of birds.
Birds of Prey Carnivores aren’t limited to only the mammal world. Find out which birds are amazing hunters and true carnivores of the sky.
Feeding Birds Nature can put on a wonderful display right outside your kitchen window. Feeding birds is a popular past-time but there are some things you should be mindful of to make sure your feathered friends are well taken care of.

Did you know...

It is believed that birds are direct descendents of dinosaurs... thankfully the small ones!